We were looking for a hack to really address the need for quick and easy access to mental health help.

What it does

Happy Thoughts is a companion service. Whenever in need or desiring a pick-me-up a user can text the app.

How we built it

Using a React-made webclient we accepted user inputted preferences. Via a Google Firebase realtime database we transmitted the preference data to a Node.js web server hosted on Google App Engine. From there the server (using Twilio) can text, and receive texts from the user to have valuable conversations and send happy thoughts to the user.

Also made with courage, focus, determination, and a gross amount of puffy style Cheetos.

Challenges we ran into

We didn't React well. None of us knew React. But we improvised, adapted, and overcame the challenge

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A team that pushed through, and made a hack that we're proud of. We stacked cups, learned juggling, and had an overall great time. The team bonded and came through with an impactful project.

What we learned

That a weekend is a short time when you're trying to make in impact on mental health.

What's next for Happy Thoughts

Happier Thoughts :)

Enjoy these happy thoughts

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