Inspiration: Our inspiration was that we realized how lucky we are, and how others are going through a hard time. Our app was built to help these people.

What it does: Our app has exercises to help depressed people. The exercises have been shown to uplift peoples spirits. Once the person has completed the exercise, they are to determine how happy they are.

How we built it: We built our app using Xcode and Swift.

Challenges we ran into: One major issue we ran into was our app kept crashing because we had too many untangled outlets. We ended up having to delete our code, and some parts of our app, because of this issue.

Accomplishments that we're proud of: We are proud that we ended up with a final product despite the challenges.

What we learned: We learned that we should focus on the main parts of the app instead fussing over smaller details.

What's next for Happy Thoughts: We want to add a chat feature where the people can chat with others like themself.

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