The inspiration behind this website is the desire of making people happy. We realized that there are many things that can bring us down such as stereotypes, society's wants, and people judging others. For that reason we thought making a website that will make you smile and be happy would be very beneficial to others.

What it does

The website links to other pages we made that have happy, inspiring, and funny pictures, videos, and quotes.

How we built it

Through the newbie track we learned the basics of HTML and CSS and with those skills and some self taught skills we managed to create multiple pages and link them together.

Challenges we ran into

Not knowing more complex coding and the limited time frame

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Two out of the three of us have never coded in our lives and we barely knew what it was. After this course, we have completed a website that we are proud of but also links it to other HTML files we made ourselves in the time given.

What we learned

How to use HTML and CSS as we are newbies and never used or heard of it before

What's next for Happy Team

We look forward to more hackathons in the future that will advance our computer programming skills.

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