The global salmon market, valued at $50B, is growing at a CAGR of 3.7%, and expected to hit $76B by the turn of the decade, driven mainly by, a health & sustainability conscious customer. However, handling and delivery requirements of Salmon are complex and there is information leakage between transportation modes, resulting in high wastage and low quality and material loss for the industry.

What it does

Complexity simplified by the Virtual (information) integration of the Salmon supply chain, covering air and land transportation through a “Service Management” solution that enables a reliable fulfilment across a multi-modal supply chain. The vision is to digitize the following key aspects: • Solution to simplify multi-modal supply chain with reliable fulfilment • Sustainable transportation choices based on CO2 footprint • Fulfilment route map multi-modal milestones • Service Management Orchestration based on product’s (Salmon) care protocols & service parameter characteristics • ‘Connected Salmon’ through IoT live feeds to measure, track and ensure product integrity at every step • Early warning systems for command and control

Resulted in a happy, healthy, conscious customer and a reliable, responsible & predictable supply chain.

How we built it

Distributing the work load and having fun all the while.

Challenges we ran into

• Complex integrations • Fully remote distributed team spread across Dubai, Mumbai, Colombo and Amsterdam 😊

Accomplishments that we're proud of

• Pulling together a strong concept partnering with fellow hackathon participants remotely and with several other entities for key data points • Yet again being able to prove that ONE Record is the future of digital air cargo and that it is a robust and extensible foundation to solve real world industry challenges

What we learned

• ‘Distributed’ is not only pragmatic for data sharing but also for hacking • Happy Salmon is a dream that is very much achievable

What's next for Happy Salmon

• Short-term: Validate & refine further in real-life with our industry partners • Long-term: Extend further across all ‘fresh food’ supply chain and enable industry initiatives on ‘Connected Cargo’, ‘CiQ Service Parameters & Care Protocols’

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