We really wanted to do something that served college students and their health! We also wanted to work with temperature sensor hardware and Arduino. After a few busts initially, we found that your body temperature drops rapidly when you are stressed. Thus, we made it a destress app.

What it does

When wearing the Happy Reacts Only wearable device, the app tracks your body temperature. In moments of stress when there is a sudden, very rapid change in temperature and this new temperature persists for a while, Happy Reacts Only app will play from a Spotify playlist music of your choice or you will have the option to browse between a photo gallery of either memes or cute dog photos.

How we built it

We used Android Studio and Arduino Uno to build this app. We used the Spotify API to get the music into the app. For our graphical mock ups and some of our buttons, we used Canva which is a free graphic design platform.

Challenges we ran into

Being very basic programmers, we didn't have experience with creating an Android app at all and it was very difficult to execute the things we wanted it to. Furthermore, the Arduino 101 did not have a lot of documentation so although it had advanced features such as Bluetooth, we had a difficult time writing code to make it work. Elizabeth luckily had an Arduino Uno so she was able to write a lot of the pseudo-code and write up commands as needed before fighting the beast that is Arduino 101!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of pulling off an app even though all of us had pretty much no experience making any kind of mobile app. We are proud to have figured it out with the support of some great mentors! We also are happy to have figured out some complex hardware that is so new that it had no documentation.

What we learned

We were perhaps too ambitious from the very start and should've stuck to something very basic from the beginning and have a project that could be scaled to be more complex if we had the time. However, this ambition kept us going even in the worst of times.

What's next for Happy Reacts Only

Ideally we would link up all the software and hardware seamlessly and develop a wearable device that is small and convenient for user experience. However, we will definitely be taking back wonderful memories of AthenaHacks being a supportive system where even company representatives were willing to talk to us and figure things out!

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