In today's fast changing world, people sometime feel secluded, left out, down and pressured. In this Apps world, Apps are our best friends and we wanted to make such an app which will help us feel better again. These down moments lead to suicidal tendency, hatred, depression and isolation. This AI driven app can get us out of down moments by helping us look at brighter side of the world and help avoid worst consequences.

What it does

It detects mood of the user and accordingly play videos, audios, quotes, pictures to help user come out of that mood. This search is done based on the user profile where user would have earlier mentioned about his personality, things he likes and loves to do, favorite hobbies, etc.

How I built it

We built the website using We searched for videos and images online to use for different emotions and personalities. Chose only a few emotions and then built webpages to provide relevant videos, images and quotes.

Challenges I ran into

Not being from software development field, I did not know about the avenues out there to accomplish my idea. We tried to build a html website but storing the data and connecting to server database was something we got stuck. We tried to build intelligent logic but not having knowledge of APIs to get filtered data hampered our effort to make it fully AI.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Build a website on my own. This is my first ever website which I created Was able to take first step towards making my idea into realty

What I learned

How raw ideas need to be worked on to really make it happen Lot of things are present outside and communities which share their knowledge and it is just matter of knowing it and tapping them to create something better. Learnt how I can build my own website

What's next for Happy potion

We still need to make it into AI driven app with facial recognition. This will enable it to be be more like a best friend which my idea of this App is all about and help everyone come out of their depressed, stressed, pressured phase and make them happy and see good things around us.

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