Charlie's girlfriend, Diana, frequently says, "I don't do math". She has no problem paying bills but minimizes the time spent looking at her finances. She feels guilty that she's not doing more, confused where to start, anxious seeing all the numbers, and just doesn't enjoy it.

That was our starting hypothesis. After talking with 12 more people, we saw it was a wider problem: there is a lot of negative emotions that come up when people think about their finances. There is a lot of guilt, confusion, and anxiety. Individuals had varying degrees of which emotions they had, but very few people in our sample size enjoyed thinking about their finances.

The target user is someone who is experiencing these emotions to a point where it interferes with their motivation and ability to set near-term goals and take action to reach their bigger goals.

We zeroed in on three principles: no numbers (with a dollar sign), micro goals, and positive reinforcement. Through these three aspects, we believe people can be happy with their money again.

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