My brother's a big pokemon nerd with lots of disposable income and he wanted me to figure out how many happy meals he's expected to buy if he wants all the holo cards. Unfortunately I'm not good with math so I'm doing a monte carlo simulation instead

What it does

The x axis is number of unique holos you want, the y axis is number of packs you need to open

How we built it

html, css, javascript, plotly, and some love for pokemon

Challenges we ran into

McDonald's closed before we had a chance to make a trip :(

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The expected number, according to 10k runs is 95. If each happy meal is $4, we're expected to spend $380. Luckily I'm from that mad Mitt Romney money

What we learned

That $380 probably could be better spent

What's next for Happy Meal Predictor

Some plastic surgery (CSS) so it doesn't look so ugly

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