Give yourself good care and attention, and watch yourself bloom!

What it does

Through the dark and difficult times, when you feel like listening to something that could cheer you up. Or when you are really happy, and want to enjoy the most, or just feel like to relax, Happy Hour is always there for you. We can give you the list of movies, songs, or animes that you wish to watch or listen to. Just tell us your hobbies and interests, the rest is waiting for you.

How we built it

Our website Happy Hour, is built on the Django framework and hosted on Heroku servers.The entire code has been developed using Python programming language. The frontend is designed using HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap.

Challenges we ran into

Website crashing, hard to connect with anime, and music APIs, timezone difference of team members.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of learning new skills, host a website, that could give people a good time, by giving them tailored recommendations of anime, music, movies, etc based on their interests, hobbies, and genres they choose.

What we learned

We learnt a lot new Front end and Backend development tools. Learnt how to handle different crashing errors.

What's next for Happy Hour

We could make a cleaner appearance for our website,make it more user friendly, and add recommendations for books, and a lot other self care products.

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