According to ValPak, only 18% of parents with no spouse or partner feel like they live comfortably. One of the most difficult issues that single working parents face are managing time and meal planning while juggling worklife and kids. This issue can be addressed by technologists who can provide web services to help out this demographic of our country!

What it does

By communicating with Alexa using the Amazon Echo, a busy parent can ask for a motivational quote to help him or her get through the day or can get a quick recipe on the fly with the help of the Wegmans API. Alexa helps by simplifying the tasks - she answers in a clear and easy manner for stressed out parents!

How we built it

We used Amazon Web Services and the ASK toolkit with Node.JS.

Challenges we ran into

Amazon Web Services had a steeper learning curve than anticipated and we were not able to run our original project which was written in python, so halfway through the hackathon we switched over to using node.js and the AWS provided library ASK Lambda.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned how to use Amazon Web Services, which is incredibly powerful. We are all first year CS students so this was also our first time ever connecting software to an external hardware device, which was the Amazon Echo! It was very exciting working with this equipment and we are proud of getting more involved with unique projects!

What we learned

We learned we need to have a more concise and clear plan, and plan ahead for which web technologies and toolkits are compatible with each other and are the most efficient for our project.

What's next for Happy Helper

We want to hook up a schedule feature that will read off the day's schedule for parents as well expand on the Wegmans API by providing a more interactive experience with recipes by adding them to a shopping list for parents.

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