Inspiration: Every year our church preschool staff and students have a lot of illness. Little ones do not frequently wash their hands sufficiently to prevent the spread of germs. Child care centers operate on slim or no profit margins and need help. Also, there are licensing and certifications that require a health station. This would fill that need.

What it does: Make hand washing a game for kids, while they are learning the effective way to wash.

How I built it: I did not build it yet. I would like to identify an integrator to work across children's play station manufacturers such as Little Tykes or Fisher Price to adapt a kids' kitchen into a 4-sink play fixture with a screen with music and an App that prompts them to wash and a sensor that indicates they are washing for the 20 seconds and get a reward. A company like Johnson & Johnson could provide the soap, and a software/app company like Apple could provide the screens, music, and software. A company such as Hygenius has the control system for the water and soap, which I have seen in a NICU.

Challenges I ran into: Getting a grant to get started is critical.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: This would be great for when kids get back to school and to alleviate future seasons of illness

What I learned: Companies want to help to alleviate or prevent pandemics, even the flu.

What's next for Happy Hands: not sure. just an idea really.

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