Everyone has hit a stressful point in their life before. Once in a while, everyone needs to de-stress themselves and make themselves happier That's why, Happy Hacks is here to help. :)

What it does

Happy Hacks is an interactive app that presents fun, stress-free life hacks to allow you to lead a happier life!

How we built it

We started out tossing out ideas randomly, from thinking of a simple app just displaying life hacks, to categorizing life hacks, to finding a root cause on what specific types of life hacks we wanted to find. We started out planning the layout using Justinmind prototyping, and trying to figure out which button would lead to which page and do what function. We then started coding it up in Eclipse, using Java. We programmed multiple classes that represented different pages in our app. For the layouts of our page, we manipulated the layouts by using layouts in layouts, so we could figure out where all of our buttons and images were on the page without physically counting the pixels.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a long time deciding which application to use to code up our app (pure Java in Eclipse, Javascript + HTML + CSS in jsfiddle, etc.) We essentially tried each one, and agreed to use Eclipse.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Since we spent a lot of time figuring out what to do and how, we didn't end up having a lot of time left to complete it. Therefore, we are proud that we truly did get the whole thing finished, including a prototype!

What we learned

We learned a lot through this hackathon, from collaborating on ideas to working together to coding a project up, we learned how to work with one another and also learned how to divide/share the work.

What's next for Test

If we had more time in the hackathon, we would want to have a cleaner GUI, a greater compilation of life hacks, as well as more life hack categories. As for more long-term goals (tasks not being able to do in this hackathon), we would want to find a platform that would allow us to publish our app and users to download it. This way, we would be able to spread more happiness! :)

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