Our value proposition is that we want to create an interface for people in Morocco to recommend farm land and provide prediction insights for next year's Wheat and Barley production and consumption. Our customer segment is the farmers and Morocco government and we went to solve the food security and hunger problem in the country.

What it does

In our product, it will first predict next year's Wheat and Barley production and consumption. Our product will also label current arable lands on the map. Thirdly, user can use rate of hunger to determine how much land should be recommended for cultivation.

How I built it

  • Use geo data to get arable land information
  • Use national food consumption and population information to estimate food consumption for next year
  • Use previous food production to predict next year food production

Challenges I ran into

Limitation of datasets.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to provide insight to users. Collaboration between team members.

What I learned

Different techniques in different areas (front end, back end and geo spatial)

What's next for Happy Farmers

We will be working on the accuracy of the models as well as if new data sets will be provided, we can build a more robust and have more functions for our product.

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