Dogs need love too!

What it does

Imagine you're laying on your bed. You're tired. Your dog wants food. Do you get out of bed and feed the thing? Well, no more of that.. Happy Dog is here to save the day! Happy Dog, an automatic dog food dispenser, is a web application which allows you to feed your dog remotely. You're also able to do things like set a future time/date that you would like to feed your dog as well.

How we built it

We started out with a Photon given out at a Microsoft Seminar. We decided it would be cool to make a web app with it. I really miss my dog, so we decided to dedicate something towards him. We had some crafts so we tried our best to replicate what we thought an automatic dog feeder might be structured like.

Challenges we ran into

I've never used any of the tools mentioned before. Luckily, my good friend, David was here to lead me through the process. I was able to create a working structure of Happy Dog!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I made something that is very applicable in the real world! I think it's awesome to remotely control a dog feeder.

What I learned

I learned photon, a little bit of JavaScript, and dealing with the Meteor framework.

What's next for Happy Dog!

We hope to make a more polished version of Happy Dog in the future with a way cleaner structure(paper cups definitely won't last...) along with more functionalities such as choosing how much to feed your dog, preferred amount to feed based off of dog breed, and more!

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