Life is not about Challenges. It's all about how you overcome these challenges in Life. I was scrolling through my LinkedIn feeds when I came to know about DevPost Hackathons and realized why did I never participate in the same. Its good to work on your projects but it is excellent to complete the challenges or tasks given my some Organization.

The Name of my Project is as so, because, since the World has encountered this pathetic pandemic, Happy Days are almost gone. So, what I feel is to encourage one and all so that they could stay strong and fight this pandemic and soon, we will be singing the "Happy Days have Begun".

This Project is a website on Coronavirus with a tagline of "Let's Fight & Stay Strong". It includes all the information related to this pandemic. It involves- 1) The Home Section 2) News Feeds 3) Updates from all over the World 4) Updates from all over India 5) Visualization through Graph 6) Motivation to all the Covid-19 Warriors 7) Status Check

The Project has been developed using technologies such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, MySQL, PHP and jQuery as well. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript and jQuery has been used for Front End Development while PHP and MySQL is used for Backend, for maintaining the database, for every user that makes the entry to check his status.

Challenges must be something that do not let you sleep. You must overcome all of them. The challenge that I faced was on Graph visualization but managed to overcome that as well and was extremely happy to have that.

I am proud to face challenges in my life. Moreover, Looking at these Corona Warrior patients is something that gives us motivation on how to fight death even if, it reaches the threshold.

Last but not the Least, The only motive behind this Project is to aware the people all around the world to Stay Safe and Healthy. Do not Lose Hope as Happy Days will Begin Soon!

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