Isolation and lockdown can cause people to feel unhappy. With todays pandemic situation the happiness curve can go down faster for each person. That´s why if we want to flatten the disease curve and if we need from people to stay at home and be safe, we need to keep our happiness curve going up, specially those facing this pandemia alone.

What it does

Each day, the app will ask you and your familiy members a simple question: how are you feeling today? Depending on your happy curve, the app will give you suggestions to keep you active and happy inside your home. All suggestions will be based on curated material from people around the globe that might have suffer the same situation as you. You can set up your daily schedule so the app won't interfere with your remote work. Hungry but not even in the mood to open your phone to order o browse for a recipe? Why don´t your connected smart home speaker give you a recipe automatically at you lunch time or a suggestion to order from a local food small business to support them in this economic crisis. Kids? Let´s play one of the best rated games for interiors.Want to bond more with your family? Let´s set up a device-free time for everyone. Worried about the pandemic situation? Let´s hear the most recent news from Goverment and Official Sources, let´s avoid fake news that might confuse you even more. Feeling lonely? Let´s call your friends. Depressed? The app will send an automatic message to your emergency contact. Let´s flatten the curve by increasing our happiness! Everything with the help of everyone.

How I built it

This is a POC, but with today current APIs and devices it´s perfectly possible. No need to reinvent the wheel, let´s just connect them with a simple purpouse: Let´s be happy and healthy.


I ran into Mood can be difficult to measure by a simple question, but there are medical scales that will help to measure it in the best way.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We put our focus on the key factor of the pandemic success or failure: the mental and physcal health of the people and their families under lockdown or isolation.

What I learned

Our digital ecosystem can really help in this difficult situation, we need to be informed, we need to be active, we need to be closer to our family. Let´s be part of the solution by being happy.

What's next for Happy Curve

Happy Curve can be used in your daily life, no need to be in a pandemic situation. Happy Curve can help you and your family to be truly connected, or why not prevent depression or suicide by taking care of what matters the most for people: their happiness.

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