Inspiration and Usage

A friend of mine was suffering from depression, and to cheer her up I made her a "Happy Box". It was a box filled with notes containing quotes, memories, and jokes. Whenever she needed a boost, she could pull out one of the notes.

When I found out about the Happiness Apps Challenge, I was inspired to make a virtual version of the Happy Box. With the power of mobile software, recipients can easily carry their Care Packages everywhere, and creators can add new notes to Care Packages even after they have been given. (Yay technology.)

Because of the ease of creating and using virtual care packages with Happy Box, Care Packages can now be used in many other situations as well:

  • Leave love notes for your partner for when you are going to be away
  • Build a box of Tweets tailored to your friend's sense of humor
  • Give a pile of motivational quotes to a neighbor who is a new mother

Judging Criteria

Originality and Innovation - Happy Box is a completely new product, creating a new means of supporting each other and ourselves.

Potential Positive Impact - Happy Box can be used in a way that is similar to immensely popular quote of the day apps, but with the twist that the quotes (or other contents) are personalized to the recipient. But the potential impact doesn't stop there! Planned future features include:

  • giving every user their own personal Happy Box where they can build self reliance by creating a collection of favorite notes that they can turn to when needed
  • providing a way for people who don't yet know each other to connect

Technical Difficulty - As a completely new product and app, every interaction had to be planned and implemented. This app also required authentication and real time shared data, which are both notoriously tricky features.

User Interface and design - Follows the Android interface standards. Testers love the cheerful design!

Beta access

Email to be added to the beta waitlist (please indicate phone type and how you plan to use the app), or if you want to talk to me for some other reason. Note that judges will not have to wait on the waitlist. ;-)

Once you have been added to the beta, you will be able to access the app at:

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