Birthday is the most special day that a person can have in a year! Birthday is that special day where you are free to do anything with no restrictions and everyone around you makes you feel special. You party with your friends, play games, you get surprises and much more. Birthday is the day which holds a very special place in one's heart and everyone wants to make their birthdays memorable. We all want our birthday to be the most exiting and the most enjoyable day of the year.
But due to this pandemic situation, everything has gone virtual and we cannot meet people and some people don't even get a vibe that it is their birthday. The enjoyment is not as it used to be.

So to make someones birthday special and a little fun even in this pandemic, I thought of creating a filter which can give them a party feel and help them. This is a small effort to make someone feel special on their birthdays even in this time of pandemic as the most important rule of birthday is to be happy :)

What it does

When you open the filter, you can see nice party googles on your face and a cap with two big eyes 👀 and not to forget a birthday cake (the main component of the birthday, you might think the cake is for you to eat, but it is not😉). As the rule of the birthday says, remain happy throughout, so you have to smile, and when you do so, you will see a little surprise and that is, the cake is thrown on your face 😝 and you can hear the crowd wishing you a happy birthday and happy birthday written above your hat along with some confetti from the sky. When the cake will be removed, you can see a nice decoration all over your face. The more you smile, the more cake you get on your face👻.

So, this is what it does. A small effort to bring a smile on the face of birthday person and make him feel special :)

How we built it

To make effect, I used SparkAR Studio, used the assets from the SparkAR library, created the textures and most importantly, used patch editor to make this effect come to life.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was to create the effect of cake coming towards your face and then the face decoration as soon as the cake is removed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The biggest accomplishment that I am proud of is, I was able to create this filter in few hours and this is a filter which can bring smile on the face of the user and would make them feel special.

What we learned

I learned how to animate the object, create a confetti effect and create custom textures for the face.

What's next for Happy Birthday

I tried to add the user's name below the happy birthday text, but this is the feature that is currently not supported by Instagram but is supported by Facebook and I did not want my filter to be limited to just one platform, so as soon as the feature to add user's name becomes available on Instagram, I will add it in it.

Built With

  • sparkar
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