Problem Statement

In this competitive, fast-paced, age of computers, it's very easy for people to fall prey to stress, anxiety, anger, depression, low self-esteem to name a few. Mental health is an issue that has a certain stigma about it and is easily discarded and ignored. Especially in this Covid pandemic, when most of the countries went into lockdown, it is very easy for people to feel alienated, unmotivated, and stressed which when coupled with anxiety, overthinking and irritation have led few to self-harm with some even losing their lives to mental health.


Mental health apps can be effective in providing guidance in lifestyle and motivation to get relief from mental health issues and also making therapy more accessible, efficient, and portable. Many apps are available in the market for mental health but after researching we found that most were either specific to some particular mental health issues or just weren’t an ‘all-rounder’ app.

Happy Birds

Happy Birds aims to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ app for mental health. From music to a happy little chatbot to talk with, daily doses of inspirational quotes to constantly lift your spirits up, lifestyle guidance curated issue-wise and games to destress or release your anger, Happy Birds wants to make its users find all available ways to make themselves ‘happy’.


  1. Signup: Enter full name, email, age, and set a password.

  2. Login: Login using email id and password. alt text

  3. Homepage: alt text The homepage consists of the following elements:

    1. Profile gist: You can see your name in this area. By clicking the profile icon you can visit your complete profile. 1.Profile page: See complete profile comprising your details as entered during signup and concerns/issues selected after signup.
      • See a list of your past and future appointments.
      • Click on the edit button on the top right to edit your details and concerns. alt text
    2. Tink, the chatbot: By clicking on the ‘Let’s Talk’ you can let Tink try to resolve your issue, which you can select from the list provided by Tink. alt text
    3. Create a meme: Creating memes is equally as helpful as blogging. A good meme requires a lot of creativity. Boost your creativity or destress yourself by creating a meme. alt text
    4. Quote of the day: Consider this as a daily dose of motivation capsuled in a sentence, Quote of the day will show a new inspirational quote every day.
    5. Tracks to refresh your mood: Music has therapeutic powers. To calm your mind, we present you a list of albums from Spotify, sorted to cater to your specific needs. alt text
    6. Games to Relax your mind: Who doesn’t love bursting a bubble wrap?! The best ways to deal with stress & anxiety is to walk in rain, popping the bubble, pop the bubble wrap, turn the switch on or off, etc. In this section, we provide you with all such games. alt text
  4. Blogs and Journals Page:

    1. Blogs: Elements of the Blogs tab:
      1. Your Daily read: A list of articles especially curated based on the issues selected by you.
      2. Popular Stories: List of the latest trending articles.
      3. Post your own story: An awesome way to connect. Click on the ‘+’ button to write your own article using our rich text editor. Insert images, videos, links as well. Just click on the ‘Done’ button to make sure your article reaches others too. alt text
    2. Journals: Maintain your personal diary. This feature is accessible offline. See a list of your stories sorted by date. Click on any item to edit it or click on the ‘+’ button to write a new one. alt text
  5. Therapists page:

    1. Categories: A list of types of specialists viz. psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, social workers. On clicking any of the items, you can see a full list of the selected category. Visit their profiles by clicking on the arrow next to the ‘Book Appointment’ text.
    2. Top Therapists: See a list of the therapists. Visit their profiles as mentioned in the ‘Categories’ section alt text
  6. Fitness & Lifestyle page: See a list of mental health issues. Tap on an item to explore guidance to get relief from it.

  7. On clicking any issue: You can see a list of subcategories.

  8. By clicking on any sub-category you will visit a page with posts related to the main issue and pertaining to the selected sub-category. Click on any post to view it. alt text alt text

Tech Stack/Technologies Used

  • React Native
  • Node.js
  • Google Firebase
  • MongoDb

Future scopes:

  • Mood detection
  • Add chat between specialists viz. therapists, psychiatrists, social workers, and users.
  • Add specialists module
  • Add video calling functionality.
  • Add a booking appointment through the app and send a report of your profile along with your appointment request.

Challenges we ran into and how we overcame them

Half our team was a first-time hacker, and the other two had only done two hackathons before. We used react-native for our and two of our members were new to it. However, we were able to overcome such setbacks with team support. We initially came up with a lot of features to implement but had difficulty filtering them out based on priority, development effort, and time in consideration of the time limit.

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