Studies have shown that you develop good new habits faster if you share them with friends. This is exactly what the HAPPY app is for.

What it does

HAPPY is an app that lets you share good habits with friends. The app helps you to live happier.

Whenever you do something good for yourself, you share this experience with HAPPY. In doing so, you motivate your friends, and they encourage you in return.

Share at HAPPY, if you are

• drinking water • going for a jog • reading a book • meditating • abstaining from alcohol • doing yoga • getting up early

There are over 50 good habits available for you to choose from in HAPPY!

How it works:

• In the app, click on the good habit you are currently working on. Your friends will see what habit you’re developing thus motivating them to get into the same good habits.

• On your map, you can see all your friends who are currently working on developing new habits. You can motivate each other and even meet in the real world. Together you will learn good new habits.

• The app keeps track of your progress on each habit you’re working on.

• If you like, you can upload a photo of your activity and share it with your friends. It’ll provide an additional motivation for them.

• Let your friends inspire you. Exchange encouraging messages through HAPPY and help each other develop healthy habits.

• Find new friends who also want to develop new habits. Exchange messages with people who are just like you!

How we built it

Going Native for the apps, using Firebase for the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Build the software so it scales well even with millions of potential users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proud of the image generator that creates the content that gets shared to Snapchat. Also, the possibility to make many a/b tests easily.

What we learned

What's next for HAPPY - with friends

The following points are on our roadmap:

• Adding Storykit as soon as we get access to it

• Adding Camerakit as soon as we get access to it

• Improved integration of the Bitmoji Kit in the chat so that users can choose a Bitmoji matching their chat message

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