We wanted to create something that would help people achieve their goals and we came across a post in a forum in thalmic labs in which a music teacher asked if anyone could create something like our project, and so we did.

What it does

It provides a way for the director of the music band to communicate via vibrations how fast he is marking the tempo for the blind musicians to play.

How we built it

We used leap motion and its API to map certain gestures and motions to a certain vibration length and amount of vibrations so that the musician and the director can create a custom common language to communicate even if the musician cannot see.

Challenges we ran into

Time, lack of experience in the technologies, we had to adapt the idea to the hardware we had which wasn't ideal. Leap motion isn't ideal in the way it's documented and isn't very precise at reading gestures plus the API didn't give us all we needed in the time we had.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building this with a goal in mind even though we knew nothing about the technology used. The team work and the attitudes of the teammates twoards each other.

What we learned

To keep it simple, s... in a hackathon and that cooperative ideas are much more fun.

What's next for Happtos

Developing the ideal hand band for the users and the directors as to improve the amount of combinations possible and the response time. To create an even more general API so that developers can create more solutions for more situations that we haven't tackled.

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