Discrimination is still a rampant issue in our modern society, and it is a common violation of the second article of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It is defined as the unjust and unfavorable treatment of others solely because of a specific personal characteristic that they possess. This happens all around us, such as bullying in schools or racism or sexism in the internet, and when it comes to employment and hiring, it is no exception.

In recruitment, some job applicants do not get equal opportunities as others as employers can be biased and can discriminate against them. The goal of Happlication is to alleviate this discrimination present in the recruitment process and provide a happier application for all, regardless of race, gender, sexual preference, religion, disability, and others.

What it does

Happlication is a desktop program made to enhance the hiring process and job application (specifically for the I.T. industry). It aims to provide a way to reduce biases that are present in recruitment and hiring by filtering out unnecessary information about the applicant that can lead to discrimination. This means that more people, regardless of age, gender, sexual preference, religion, disability, and others, can have fair and equal job opportunities as others, without bias.

Target Market and Impact

The impact of Happlication is in the recruitment process, where it intends to reduce the discrimination that occurs when hiring employees. The target market for this project is companies around Metro Manila, Philippines that intend to hire applicants. The scale of this project covers digital job application, and as of now, the project only covers jobs in the I.T. Industry.

What's next for Happlication

In the future, we intend to improve the capabilities of Happlication so it may provide a more efficient and effective way to reduce discrimination in hiring. We also plan to expand the scope of the project to not only I.T. jobs but positions in other fields as well. A larger and more public database can also be utilized, along with the right precautions and safety measures, so that it can be accessed by all applicants and companies from around the Philippines.

The Happlication Team

The Happlication team is composed of five hard-working 12th Grade students taking up Software Development in iACADEMY: Mary Faith Gualferio, Aric John Muñez, Isaiah Francis Offemaria, Jose Miguel Vicenzo Sy, and Patrick Jose Valenzuela.

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