As an international student from Viet Nam where agriculture employs more than 50% of the total workforce. We have come across many incidents in which farmers are suffering because of high debt burdens, corruption in subsidies, and crop failure. We thought to build something with our skills which gives them profit. We also decided to consider consumer satisfaction. Not getting enough money for their crop is the most serious problem they are facing right now. Eliminating third parties and connecting farmers with customers would be helpful for the agriculture sector.

What it do

It is an application where a farmer can post his crop it can be anything like vegetables, fruits or pulses and also the price of the product. the customer can search for nearby farms using google maps and buy from this platform. We are responsible for the delivery of the product.

How I built it

Happj Farm Map is built by Flutter with Dart program language. To store data and authenticate users, we used Firebase services and Google API to show locations on Google Map

Challenges I ran into

When we started this project, we knew nothing about machine learning or Flutter and had to start from scratch. However, with some googling and trying stuff out, we were able to figure out how to implement Flutter for our project with relative ease. Another challenge was collecting, preparing, and labelling our data set of 200 farmer

What I learned

I'm very new to backend development but I learned how to use firebase and MySQL

What's next for Happj Farm

In the future, we want to add a crop recommendation system for farmers in our platform to suggest them crop based on weather conditions and also try to expand this to many farmers and consumers.

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