INSPIRATION Shawn Achor’s TEDx talk about The Happiness Advantage inspired me to design a happiness “crash course”` that offers different levels of social support while users complete their own 21-day challenge and integrate 5 scientifically proven happiness actions into their lives.

TARGET AUDIENCE Unlimited ways for all people to use the 21-day challenge: Political leaders and celebrities: publicly perform the challenge and inspire people who are following them to join in. Students: be a historical figure, a person from another culture, or even a tree. Creative writing assignments can also incorporate the challenge. Schools: challenge each other to have the highest percentage of students and faculty enrol in and complete the challenge. There are many corporate challenge applications as well.

FEATURES Personal reminder settings for each action. Post words and images and re-post to 4 social networks. Community of happious-seeking people. In-app chat feature for additional social support. Early Beta Android version soon to be followed by iOS and web-based versions.

FUTURE FEATURES Gamified point system tied into a larger social networking platform for social entrepreneurship to be launched in 2015. Branding already begun. Contests planned to track impact of challenges.

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