The World Health Organization estimates the number of people affected by depression around the world at about 300 million. In general, the disease affects women more than men. We found that psychological counseling is expensive, So we try with this application to spread happiness to depression patients for free, using a short and simple text and visual content filled with meditation with the addition of an emotional formula. Mixed with interests so that the user feels that the message is for them and not a random message, and we help those who need more support and health care after Covid 19, there are a lot of things we have done to take care of the mental health of our users and help a lot of people who need more support and care during the previous period

We have more than 60% of our clients from Africa and we are looking forward to targeting more of that continent because the number of depression patients there exceed 30 million suffer from depression

What it does

Happiness Application: The first Arabic motivational application that contains a set of ideas that motivate the user to take daily actions. It is suitable for depressed patients and for those who are looking for an inspiring product that improves their mood and health

The app contains 1 million motivational messages and 1,000 articles and books for self-development, 1,000 images to support positive Ideas , 100 ways to self motivation, and audio content dedicated to motivation and inspiration along with motivational notifications we send throughout the day

How we built it

It was built in the Java language , and The team is made up of two individuals who took the lead in creating interactive and intelligent Facebook apps called Bot in 2018 and attracted more than 30 million Arab users in less than a year and within the recommended applications of Facebook management

Challenges we ran into

The high cost of this type of program and the difficulty of obtaining tickets for psychological consultations, which I would like to help some users with for free

Accomplishments that we're proud of

More than 30 million readings of its content in less than a year

We got 100,000 users in the first 90 days of launch

We got 210,000 users without ad campaigns by sharing user content

More than 400,000 users in just two years

More than 1 million content has been added in 2 years

The top 20 applications in the Middle East and the 100 best applications globally in the Huawei competition

We have 300,000 users of social media , and a rating of 4.7/5 stars on Google Play from 14,000 users attracted users from 145 countries and is available on Google Play and Huawei Store, soon we will be launching a version for Apple devices

What we learned

The high cost of this type of program and the difficulty of obtaining tickets for psychological consultations, which I would like to help some users with for free

What's next for Happiness App

Add audio and visual motivational content Translate content in full into 9 languages Create an Arabic-speaking website with motivational content Create small volumes containing inspiring words, posters with motivational messages distributed in the streets on pedestrians randomly and spreading smiles on their faces

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