HappiJar is a colorful and gorgeous daily happiness challenge which saves some of your smiles and happy moments for rainy days when you need them the most. So reminding yourself of how lucky you really are; has never been simpler or more beautiful.

Use HappiJar to give thanks for all the happy things which happen around you. They could be anything that you wish to feel grateful for, make you smile or serve as a reminder for how much you appreciate your buddies. Using HappiJar you can collect memorable quotes, write a message, take a photo, record a sound or even store a clip of song you love!

Then simply shake the jar and a random one pops out; inspiring you to have a great day, and reminding you to give thanks to those who mean the most to you.

Very soon you will have a jar full of awesome moments to share and reflect upon - which may have previously gone un-thanked.

Currently our HappiJar'ers have shared 22,000 smiley moments on our 5 Star app. Please find us in the AppStore here - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/happijar-happiness-gratitude/id692709737?mt=8

Anyone downloading our app and emailing to us the reference 'HappinessAppsChallenge' to hello@happijar.com will be sent back a bucket load of in-app coins.

So why have we entered this competition?

Well this competition is a Godsend to us. We could quite believe our luck that The Art Of Living Foundation has backed such an historic happiness app competition! What our app needs more than anything else now is the publicity from good causes like this. But not just us though...there are lots and lots of seriously awesome happiness apps out there already which are not getting the attention they deserve. We see this hack as an opportunity for us ALL to come together, learn from one another and give our BEST current and brand new ideas the attention they deserve. We are mega excited at what is about to happen here...

What is so unique about HappiJar?

Predominately there have always only ever been 3 types of happiness apps in the app market place.

  1. Gratitude Journal [which we are closest to]. These are diaries used to remind ourselves to be grateful for even the smallest of daily offerings. Apps like 'The Gratitude Journal' and memes like #100HappyDays.
  2. Social Network. A community driven site/app which allows its members to seek support from one another and big each other up. Voting each other up and down. Apps like 'Happier' and 'Cheers'.
  3. Data Driven Apps. Effectively, these apps collect data on you in small packets until it has enough information to predict your moods and help you even out the highs and the lows... among other perks. Apps like 'Mappiness' and 'Happify'.

Finally though, HappiJar is the NEW 4th type. We rely upon our HappiJar'ers gradually becoming more creative and emotionally connected with those moments which REALLY matter to us. Using a large community of artists [donating artwork to us], every month we upload new happiness canvases [happibuttons] for our members to save away their smiles on. They are collectible and provide some much needed context to our favourite moments. This month we built a digital Advent Calendar with 25 individual pieces of artwork from our artist friends to cheer our community on into xmas!

We have developed a website at http://www.happijar.com and you can hear our CEO Glen Cooper talking about the trials and tribulations of getting this far on this podcast - https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-app-guy-podcast-the-app-guy/id771670010?mt=2#

The Future - This is a very important topic for us. Our app HappiJar is only the start. We intend to allow our user to personalise cute gifts to one another using their saved moments [happibuttons] as a foundation. Imagine a years worth of happiness in a photo book gifted to your parents. Also imagine a personalised advent calendar for your children with moments of happiness hidden behind each door!

Our imagination only is the limit as to what we can do to help our community learn about their own happiness and share it with their loved ones.

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