Mental illness often remains untreated and treatment is not very accessible. Happifyy is our way to address this problem.

What it does

It helps you to connect with people around the world by using features with similar issues and come up with common solutions to help each other. We believe the people with who we interact shape our emotions and behavior. Getting them involved can play a major role in the path of recovery.

How we built it

We have built HAPPIFFY a mental health improvement application. Firstly we decided tech stacks and ideas we wanted to work with. After series of group meetings, we finally created this website having the following functionalities. Connect with people all over the world and share your thoughts and experiences, using our rooms feature. The blog section where-in you can explore various wholesome topics related to the field of mental health. Chat and socialize with people to come up with solutions to common problems using our live chat feature. The chatbot which answers common queries regarding mental health

Challenges we ran into

Through initial brainstorming, we decided on the topic. But, what is the first step? Similarly, our discovery and immersion phases revealed the challenges and pain points we didn’t even realize needed addressing. Also, we faced issues with time management. Likewise, we came across many pitfalls which we addressed successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built this application from scratch in the last 36 hrs. Inspite of all the challenges we faced, we are proud that we didn't give up. As beginners, we learnt so many things playing with awesome technologies. We are proud that finally we completed our task within given time constraints.

What we learned

We have learnt the importance of mental health in a person's well-being. We have researched a lot about mental health while working in this hackathon and realized that mental illness can affect anyone- from children to elderly people. With proper awareness and treatment, we can ensure better mental health for the society.

What's next for Happifyy

We are planning to integrate more features like live broadcasting to make it more user-friendly and more accessible to people.

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