Diaries occupy a very important place in people’s life. Not only it allows them to express their feelings and be relieved, but it also helps organising different aspects of life, regarding their expenses, their deadlines…

However, nobody has ever thought of organising happiness! The most fundamental key to happiness is to know what exactly makes you smile, and what makes you cry… Hence, you can practice the “joyful” activities much more often, and try to avoid all the sad ones!

What it does

Happiary lets you keep track of your happiness, and draws the up and downs of your life in a very interesting graphical way, which makes you understand and remember what caused these up and downs. It helps you analyse your own psychology, because no one understands it better than you do!

The second important aspect of Happiary is that it summarises your day in a picture! A sentence like “I went to Hyde Park with Shakira” would be translated to a picture with Shakira and Hyde Park in the background… This helps in creating a visual timeline of your life.

How we built it

To measure the happiness of your diary, the application needs to understand what you’re saying first: that’s why it uses the HavenOnDemand Language Identification API.

Afterwards, the happiness of your post is automatically measured on a scale from -1 to 1, thanks to the HavenOnDemand Sentiment Analysis API.

Finally, through the Entity Extraction API from HavenOnDemand, we are able to detect the places you’ve been to, the people you’ve hung out with (till now this is limited to celebrities) … And the images of these are then compiled to show the summary of your day.

In order to build this application, we’ve used node.js and then deployed it to Google Cloud Services.

Challenges we ran into

  • Integrating the APIs in a sequential fashion
  • Developing without Wi-Fi for some time
  • Parsing JSON using Swift

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We surmounted all the challenges
  • We finished with a very useful application

What we learned

  • How to deal with JSON
  • node.js
  • Swift
  • We practiced APIs more

What's next for Happiary

The horizon in front of happiary is very wide. Many features can be added, such as intelligently tracking even more aspects of your lives (expenses, location...). The face detection API could be used so that faces of people you cited appear on the head of a Mascot. However, the most important thing, is to have access to the pictures of your friends so that they can appear in your "day summary picture".

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