Have you ever been in a new place and wondered what does everyone do for fun around here?

Happened Near Me takes a user location, finds Twitter pictures associated with that location, feeds these pictures into Immaga (a photo categorizer), and then creates a word cloud based off the associations of these pictures. The larger the word, the more likely an activity occurs there.

A user provides the latitude and longitude from a location they are interested in. We search for pictures on Twitter tagged with that geodata, and save these images and their urls. The JSON object we get this information from is parsed, and the images are fed into Immaga, which generates a file of words associated with the images. The more often that the word is associated with the image, the more times it will appear in the file. This file is fed to Kumo, which generates a .png of the resulting word cloud. Now the user can see what actives associated with that location!

Twitter is the 4th API we attempted to work with. Halfway through the hackathon, we realized our original image API, Instagram, was not going to work for our needs. In order to salvage the project, we tired Google Photos, Flickr, and finally Twitter.

Even though several setbacks, a deliverable product was created on such a time crunch

Teammates have learned: basic Java, working with JSON objects, working with various image APIs, and working with GIT

To team wants to make Happened near me work on a web application

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