We are working completely remote for months now. We have experienced how difficult it is to get an insight of how our coworkers feel, especially how happy they are with the team and the company. There are no conversations in the tea kitchen any more, nor is there any lunch together, where people talk about the good and the bad things at work.

Especially for roles such as Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches it is a special challenge to have so little personal contact in order to identify where challenges currently exist. With Happee we want to bring teammates closer together - no matter if they are working co-located or remotly.

What it does

Pulse survey On a regular basis, employees are asked to measure their personal happiness, happiness with the team and also with the company. Facts that influence their mood are asked as well. The survey only takes a couple of minutes and the employee can choose whether to share his or her name or to remain anonymous.

Dashboard Happee offers a simple and effective analysis of the submitted results. A dashboard provides the possibility for employees to compare their own mood with the company's average or to review how the happiness has changed over time.

How we built it

We built the Front-end with Vue.js – the data persistence is handled via Google Firestore and the Authentication mechanisms are implemented with Atlassian Connect. The backend is running on Cloud Run. :)

Challenges we ran into

  • iFrame resizing of the macros and dynamically generated lists can get a bit tricky when developing Confluence Cloud apps.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We built the MVP in a week after work ❤️

What we learned

  • It is worth the time to build a good development set-up. We achieved this using ngrok and nodemon to emulate our microservices locally. This way we were able to build our backend without time intensive deployment delays.
  • The atl.general webPanel location is quite handy when implementing an application wide reminder functionality. Combined with a cookie within the Connect iFrame we used it to show a notification if the user can share information regarding his or her happiness.

What's next for Happee - Know how your employees feel by collecting feedback

Next, we want to provide the possibility to start an interaction based on the feedback. It will be possible to vote on feedback items or start a discussion with other people.

Recommendations will be shown depending on the personal entries: For example, if there are negative entries, Happee suggests you to address them in the next retrospective or discuss them with a Scrum Master or any other teammate who you trust.

We also want to add more metrics.

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