Be free from your pee worries.

THE APP: happee, very simply, is an iOS app that tells you when to pee.

Now, before you roll your eyes, hear us out. Have you ever been on a road trip, driving along, enjoying the freedom of the open road, until all of a sudden your traitorous bladder made itself known? You should have stopped at any of the twelve-in-a-row gas stations earlier, but now you have to wait until you get out of some small Midwestern town. Here at happee, we strongly believe that the human body only knows so much about itself, and it is time we take over the responsibility of figuring out when we should pee.

Currently, our app consists of a very simple user interface that only inquires you about your age and the volume of what you just drank in milliliters (an estimate is perfectly ok). Then, from our extensive research into the human urinary system, we've developed a mathematical model that can predict when you might have to pee. The result, in minutes, will be shown to you immediately on the next screen.

But wait, there's more! We have big plans for this project. A timer and push notifications to remind you to pee. Integrated maps that allow for planning pit stops on the road. Multiple input portals for multiple people, with suggested routes to pit stops to save the most time. A back-end database that allows you to sign in and store your information about your daily bathroom habits, and creating an evolving model with machine learning to study your data so that we can tailor our model to serve you best.

It's time to show your bladder who's boss.

THE TEAM: Our app is made by a team of people who had completely no experience with iOS development whatsoever, and three out of four of us are at our first hackathon. We made this app because we care about you and your bathroom habits, and also because most of us are avid road-trippers, and we definitely think this app should have existed already.

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