Do you have any experience coming up with music when you see something unexpectedly?

Happ is short for "happening", Used mainly in greeting and I used it for project codename.

What it does

AI powered music app based on image

Its basic feature is playing music based on image.

How I built it

Get a photo from camera or image library Get general concept of the image from Clarifai API Search music/video based on the concept keyword randomly Show player for the returned source through YouTube or Spotify Player You can share image and media url by mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Challenges I ran into

Find the very best match music based on the query with concept Some video are not playable in the app, so have to redirect Youtube app Spotify sample can play full music

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Working version of idea that happened to me. Sometime it gives a really good hidden music/video even get along with the background photo

What I learned

How to work basic AI APIs analyze image to extract information. How to implement media player on mobile device by React Native. Without big migration effort, React Native gives a power to work on Android device. I was able to release on Google Play very easily.

What's next for Happ - Music inspired by a photo

Investigate more AI API to get and apply concept like weather, feeling, time of day, season of years, user location, etc. It will give better results and unexpected wow search results on your simple photo. Fine tuning for better matched media. Store search and media result to access easily any time. Play full music for Spotify Find better music video which is playable on the mobile device. Add more media channels

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