We ♥ Open Source, but not all Open Source (OS) projects are created equal. Donations usually go to foundations and famous projects. Smaller, less known projects are nowhere in sight. Hence we made platform for: 1) Increasing the impact of OS donations 2) In particular for funding undiscovered Open Source projects by motivating contributors to get involved and stay active.

What it does

As a non-profit organization, we offer two modes: 1) Short-term scholarships (“small” GSoC) 2) One-off payment for fixing an issue. Issues from approved repositories are automatically added onto our platform. A smart bot system monitors the activity on GitHub and assists the contributors on their way to eternal glory (and a small monetary reward).You can connect your GitHub repositories and track and manage issues in a smart way. Behind the scenes we employ automated progress tracking, monitoring with our own CIs. Our bots also help in fraud protection and an open and transparent review.

How We built it


  • D
  • Vibed
  • MongoDB
  • Redis


  • JavaScript, React, MobX
  • WebStorm


1 nonstop day of coding in great event HackPrague, lot of (ice)coffee||coke||pizza, GitHub

What's next for haPen

Change the world! But in near future it should be a smart platform to manage Git repositories, issues, developers, donors and companies together. We hope to get more involved with Universities and high schools to offers also University credits as rewards. Moreover, supporting local communities and events like bug squashing parties is on our agenda as well! Lastly we want to offer an Open API for other developers and researchers.

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