HomeKit + Weaved IoT

Hey Siri, turn on the outlet. Ok, the outlet is turned on.

This is not a dream, it is now a possibility. Your voice is transforming into a golden key!

When I approached Weaved for the SmartPlug, I explained my dream. They trusted me and sent me their golden prize, the Weaved SmartPlug developer Kit! It's Linux-based operating system opened a world of possibilities. To make my dream a reality, I attempted to run a sample Node.JS node. Unfortunately, the poor Weaved SmartPlug could not handle the big load. Without giving up, I strived for another solution. After multiple solutions were thrown onto the table, one had risen over all, which was the Raspberry Pi. It had just enough power to communicate with the SmartPlug and also run many other complex tasks. Several nights later, the Weaved SmartPlug and Raspberry Pi shook hands for the first time. After a few more long nights, the Raspberry Pi and SmartPlug met their new controller, the Apple HomeKit framework. This framework allowed Siri on iOS devices to control the plug.

What is needed on the SmartPlug to allow it to natively run the HomeKit framework?

The SmartPlug needs a more powerful processor and as well more internal storage. This would allow the SmartPlug to use the framework without the Raspberry Pi's help.

Who made this?

Hi, I am Amruth Pabba. I am a 15-year-old high schooler that goes to Metea Valley High School, located in Aurora, Illinois. I love electronics. This opportunity allowed me to integrate a very useful product with an innovative platform developed by one of the most famous companies, Apple. I started coding when I was 11 and haven't stopped since.

To learn more about this and install/run this yourself, visit my Github link below!

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