Remember the ice bucket challenge? Do you know who Stephen Hawking is? They're both stories stories about ALS, a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects the brain in a way that you eventually lose muscle movement control. Like this one, there are many of other illnesses that people have to cope with every day. Our objective with this app is to help these people.

Our app is targeted towards mute or people that have difficulties speaking and that suffer from a physical disability that limits their movement. We wanted to provide people who are unable to communicate with a way to do so, so we developed an app that combines your phone and your smartwatch and turns text into speech.

App functionalities:

  • Android wear keyboard to write text which can be sent to the phone to be reproduced.
  • Android wear list of configurable sentences that can also be reproduced.
  • Android app emergency service to contact a prefered contact and send them both notifications and your location, as well as general emergency numbers.
  • An extra application that acts as an app companion to monitor a user of the main app.
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