We are busy. Everyone is. But we still want to do our hobbies like team sports or dining together. We call our friends, but everyone seems to be out of town or busy that day. The next day when they can make it, our boss asks us to do overtime work. Solution? Here comes Hangr. Good Friends in Seconds.

What it does facilitate people to meet other people with the same interest

People fill in a registration form which contains data like hobby, schedule, preferred place to do activities, etc. Our system will do some algorithm to match them with the suitable buddies. They set appointment and have fun.

How I built it using app prototype software

We use Marvelapp to make prototype, but we plan to hire a software engineer as we go along

Challenges I ran into

We are still lacking the skill required to build an app and the knowledge about Big Data. We plan to equip our team with the technical people though. .

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • we came up with great idea that everyone is passionate about
  • everyone in the team works together, making use of each unique experience ## What I learned
  • teamwork
  • coding
  • graphic design
  • business model
  • monetisation strategy

What's next for Hangr - Good Friends in Seconds

We would like to increase our users to all over Indonesia, even to overseas We want to find investors to fund our operation, especially to hire great time of software engineers

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