Hangman is a fun game to play, and a music-themed hangman would allow people to learn a little about the musical world.

What it does

It is supposed to allow a player play against a computer's dictionary of music-related words, but the game would not visually display what it needed to. On the other hand, it worked logically which we checked with print statements.

How we built it

We build it with Python - specifically pygame - but it was not finished.

Challenges we ran into

We were new to pygame, so it was difficult to learn all that was needed for the time given.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of tackling pygame for our first time and getting the code to work from a logical and functional standpoint.

What we learned

We learned that it is difficult to learn what is necessary to code a program with the time given by hackathons, and that it is essential to not be afraid to look for help because although one can do a lot, they cannot know everything.

What's next for hangmoo

If we can figure out why nothing is displaying visually inside the game's while loop, then the program should run smoothly and correctly.

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