Do you want to Hang?

Lonely people are everywhere. Sitting at the counter in McDonalds, eating alone. Watching Romantic Comedies, alone. Going on long walks on the beach, alone. No longer. Connect with the thousands of people looking to make new friends and to partake in awesome activities around you with our mobile application, Hang.

Getting started is easy. Simply log in with your Facebook account, and immediately being seeing the many flags posted by potential pals wanting to Hang with you. Simply tap on one, confirm you’re down to do that activity, and you’ll be on your way! The process is equally easy if you want to create your own flag. Just tap on any space, set what activity you want to do, and you’ll be with someone in no time.

Hang is set apart from other applications as it has two interesting features. You are only able to Hang with people from the same school network as you to provide a safer experience, and almost guarantee a common topic for conversation. Additionally, Hang sends you out blind. You’re only given access to the other person’s first name and first initial. This prevents our application from becoming another 'hot-or-not', and increases your likelihood of finding someone.

Post-hang, feedback is anonymously collected and users are assigned scores. Power users will often have tons of Hangs? under their belt, with a high star rating. These users will have no trouble finding pals to Hang? with, and are often amicable and easy to converse with.

If we had more more time we would:

  • Implement the Uber-like tracking system we had been working on for you and your partner before meeting up
  • Allow multi-user Hangs
  • Google Places API for destination discovery
  • Building out our back-end
  • Implementing the rating system

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