We’re so obsessed with the act of taking photographs that we rarely reflect on the many images we’ve already taken. Compared to the instant gratification of digital photography, the time-consuming steps of editing, printing, and framing your photographs can be daunting. But the results can transform your space and can be so rewarding.

Hang streamlines this process for you. With this mobile tool, you can easily visualize complicated layouts with your photo library, with real time measurements, before having to commit to printing and framing.

Key Features:

  • Streamlines the multi-step process of editing > printing > framing > hanging
  • Helps you visualize potential layouts without the complicated tools
  • No measuring tapes required, we do the measuring for you
  • Inspires you with new and different designs
  • No need for expensive interior designers
  • Quick and easy image editing
  • Simplifies the process for non-tech-savvy users as well as the design-naive
  • Can pull images from ShutterStock

APIs Used:

  • Astra: Stores the final images
  • Aviary: Image editor
  • Shutterstock: Image source for those lacking photos
  • Twilio: Lets you know your order progress
  • Walgreens: Send to print

Built With

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