Cal Poly Trailblazers Blazes a New Trail for the Handicapped

ANNOUNCEMENT January 2019 - The Green Team, a team of eight Cal Poly entrepreneurs, announced the release of their app, HandiMaps. Based on inclusivity, this app revolutionizes transportation for disabled individuals by mapping a route that avoids obstacles such as steps, steep slopes, and other hazards.

ABOUT THE APP To utilize the app, the user inputs their desired destination and the application routes the fastest way to get to the destination given gathered wheelchair accessibility route information. For example, if the user is in a wheelchair, the app will customize a route that makes sure that the user will not have any obstacles.

This app opens new gateways for handicapped individuals and plans to integrate accessibility information with Google Maps to create accessible routes for all.

FAQ Why would you want to use it? You can earn points and use those points to get discounts in local stores and restaurants.

Why is this app important? There are 2 million new wheelchair users every year and this app makes travel for these individuals easier.

HOW TO GET INVOLVED Email: Call: (408)-605-6069

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