HandyCam is an app built with the Ionic framework that can translate and teach American Sign Language using Clarifai's image training.

The idea of this app came to me watching other similar projects being done over the webcam of a computer so I thought it would be unique to make an mobile app that translates sign language. Then I reached further to include as many of (what I believe) the best parts of games such as the scoreboard and difficulty levels.

Some challenges making it work was the depressing amount of photos I had to take before realizing I needed to minimize the factors of the photo environment that distracted the machine learning from predicting on whats important in the photo.

I felt the sign language educating apps available don't suit the modern person as today we have shorter attention spans than ever due to constant novelty. HandyCam acknowledges those behaviors to not only show them the amazing world of sign language, but also do it in a format they recognize through games.

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