Many people have food allergies and feel restricted shopping for ingredients since they don’t know what choices are out there. This is where Handy Weggy comes in to help you out with choosing recipes right for you.

What it does

Handy Weggy tailors recipes to your allergy type and adds the ingredients to your shopping cart. Once it’s in your shopping cart, you will be able to see the prices and the subtotal of the ingredients. Handy Weggy also comes in handy when you need to find the aisle of the listed ingredients. It’ll be with you every step of the way.

How we built it

Our team built Handy Weggy using the Wegmans API to sync products and aisles with the ingredients the user chooses. We also used materialize css for styling and progressive web apps for our software to combine features offered by most browsers with the benefits of the mobile experience. Jquery for a faster web development experience. We also used git and git hub for version control and communicating our code with each other. We used Javascript to build functionality to the app.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into many challenges along the way. Every time we merged our code something would mess up and we would have to fix or change some of our code. There were also some limitations and glitches with the Wegmans API where we had a limited number of calls and a strict format where our code was modified to be supported by it. The API stopped working when we used the same parameters and had to change it throughout the process. We also had difficulty getting the prices for the products from the Wegmans API. We tried using bootstrap but had to remove it because it kept making our web page look funny.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about working together as a team and solving problems together as a team. It gave us the opportunity to understand how real development environments might look like at a company. We each had responsibilities and built everything from scratch. 2 of our teammates worked on the back-end and databases and the other 2 worked on the front end and design. We are proud to say that we finished and got to our goal with a functioning app.

What we learned

We learned how to integrate front end and back-end environments to build a functional application. We learned how to use APIs and build a shopping cart from scratch.

What's next for Handy Weggy

We would like to continue on our project and make it easier for people with food allergies to choose ingredients for tailored recipes.

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