The removal of PPE in the workplace tends to be a problem nowadays when workers try to interact with computers out in the field. We wanted to develop an application that would allow them to use a computer without physically touching it and therefore allowing them to keep their PPE on. This would allow them to stay safe in the workplace but also get their necessary work done.

What it does

The Leap Motion Controller has two cameras and three infrared LEDs built in. This allows for a large but very accurate interaction space for the user to do as they please. The Controller tracks the user's hands once they are in range and allow the user to interact with their computer as if they were using a regular mouse and keyboard. While it tracks the location of the user's palm and pointer finger, simple gestures defined by our team allow for the touchless control of the computer.

How we built it

The Leap Motion Controller was the basis of the project and the SDK. Using the Leap Motion Camera sensor and the Leap Motion SDK, code was developed to detect and categorize the gestures so that they are tied to a specific computer function, such as right click, left click or scroll. From here, these functions can be used in the company programs to complete the work.

Challenges we ran into

  • Sensor accuracy and noise
  • Position drift
  • Acquiring a working sensor
  • Required SDK version was difficult to find

In the initial phase of the process, it was hard acquiring the software that works for both mac and windows. There were technical difficulties that allowed the camera to work on the OSX but not Windows, but that was resolved by finding different versions of software that worked accordingly. After downloading the correct SDK version, we needed to play around with the code in order to understand how the mapping works in the code. From here, we took a little time developing mathematical equations to calibrate our system. This is necessary if we are to drastically improve the user experience. The final phases of the project involves perfecting and training the code for demonstration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Built an application that both the RamHacks participants and industry sponsors were impressed with.

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