mesa #3


We get inspired to do this proyect when we realize the amount of labor accidents by hazardeous enviroments.

What it does

We made an animatronic hand controlled via BT. Using "Leap Motion" to copy the human hand movements.

How we built it

We designed and made our own controlled board that adapts to our needs. We used motion tracking algoritms to copy human´s hand movements. The animatronic hand is made (temporary of cardboard) and it simulates in a close way the human movements of hand.

Challenges we ran into

Using "Leap Motion" because it was a new programming ways. We make decicion to use Leap Motion because there where no myos armband in the hardwarelab.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It is able to copy human´s hand movement successfully: Control the animatronic hand wirelessly.

What we learned

Use a new tecnologie(Leap motion) that we didn´t had knowledge about it.

What's next for "Handy-H

Make it with a better material and optimize the programming algoritms. Make it comercialy available.

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