Handy Convo

Have you ever been in a conversation, staring into space, having no idea what to say? Have you ever wished that you had someone with you, to guide you through the doldrums of awkward pauses, long stares, and clueless inhibitions?

Now, with a Pebble Watch and Handy Convo, you can! Handy Convo is targeted towards those who have trouble making conversation, and those who would just like a little more help with it.

Handy Convo is awesome due to its variety of leading questions, statements, and other conversational boons that span a variety of topics. Including categories such as: Interviews, Dates, Complements and more, Handy Convo is always able to help you eliminate your conversational woes.

The Code

Handy Convo is written in JavaScript, and uses the Strap API to support compatibility with other wearable tech (such as Android watches, and the soon to be released Apple Watch).

Built With

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