Hand cleanliness is minimum basic requirement, largely not neglected but forgotten by many. Could be professionals in hospitals or Restaurants.

What it does

Based on the accelerometer and gyroscope values of smart watch, It ensures that the WHO standards for hand wash are performed, when person is coming out of unhygienic place or entering a place which should be maintained neatly.

How I built it

I used my smart watch, collected data based on different gestures. Used MATLAB to analyze the data, and get my numbers. Then integrated into my app, and with a tiny display on which gesture to do next, app is easy to use, and solves the purpose

Challenges I ran into

LOL!! I couldn't even get the sensor values into my FireBase for five hours, working on sensors for so long sounds terrible.(Restarting my watch did the work, It wasn't able to access WIFI I think.)

Filtering data!!! Being a computer science student signals can be confusing at times to understand, yesterday was the perfect day for that. To achieve synchronization, and remove outliers was hectic.

Calculating the thresholds, trying to use machine learning, and realizing my data wasn't filtered properly had to repeat the loop lot of times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!!! It does what it is supposed to. Recognizing all the 5 gestures felt good.

What I learned

Issues with not handling background services properly, debugging firebase issues. Filtering data. (Collecting swag and being awake)

What's next for HandWashMonitor

Fine tuning needs to be done, dispensers have to synchronized with the watch, Different people might have different techniques to do. The co-ordinates have to be matched to ground in order to avoid orientation issues.

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