Often students are either too nervous to ask a question during their classes or entirely unable to get the professor's attention. This can easily lead to students being confused and frustrated with their classes, even if multiple students had the question. This app is designed to alleviate this difficulty of asking questions in class.

We wanted to create an app that would allow students to ask anonymous live questions during class and be able to get responses from their professors. This app is designed to alleviate the stress and difficulty of asking questions in class.

What it does

This app allows students to anonymously ask questions that would be posted in a live feed. The other students and the instructor will be able to see the questions and answer them for the class.

How we built it

This app is built on top of Node JS and Express. The front end of this application was built using EJS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. We also utilized Google's Firebase Realtime Database and Authentication system.

Challenges we ran into

We started our project by creating an app with React. Being new to React, we were having issues understanding how to structure and develop our project. After much discussion, we restructured to use EJS, a JavaScript templating engine. Although we were new to this too, we were able to pick up and understand how to properly use templates in HTML and JavaScript. This did come with a learning curve though, as we had to learn the tips and tricks of EJS. We also struggled with implementing the Firebase Authentication, mainly in importing libraries and configuring settings.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are most proud of integrating Google services into our application. This is including the Firebase database and Authentication. We learned a great deal about working with a service provider like Google. We are also proud of the fact that we learned a new templating language over the course of 24 hours, which allowed us to use dynamic webpage rendering and control flow in HTML.

What's next for HandUp

For the future of HandUp, we will likely restructure it to utilize and possibly incorporate React to create a more responsive webpage. We would like for this application to handle being cross-platform and to update faster and more efficiently as new data comes in. We also plan to take the skills that we learned at BullyHack into industry and expand our programming toolkits.

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