• There is a social stigma of giving the homeless physical dollar bills, due to the fear of them using it for drugs.
  • Many people fear that they will be pestered to give more after giving once.
  • The growth of a cashless society means that fewer people are carrying change in the first place.
  • Most do not like giving to a person whom they have no personal connection with.
  • There are deeper underlying issues in the homeless population that include mental and physical help, and there are many professionals who want to help but have no way of getting in contact with a person

What it does

For the recipient:

  • Homeless individuals go to a designated site to register for our HandUp program, where they are fingerprinted and face scanned. Given a GPS tracking token which reports to our server once a day is for the recipient's convenience, where in the event the token is misplaced, their latest known location data would be used as an approximate location for their whereabouts. Only the homeless user's approximate location is shown on the mobile app. They can switch the token on and off whenever they wish.
  • They will fill in a form through our website that outlines a brief summary of their struggles, needs, and long time goals.

For the donor:

  • A user will download the HandUp app. If they are feeling altruistic, they can turn on the connection toggle on HandUp and look for connections in range.
  • If the app encounters a GPS token within a certain distance, it will notify the user, who can look at a brief profile of the potential recipient. This helps foster a human connection and understanding of their situation. They can then decide whether to gift to the recipient.
  • On the recipient's profile, they can see specific areas of need. If the user happens to be a professional of that area, they can take further action by leaving their contact information down. After this, they will be contacted by a coordinator to help the recipient.
  • After the gift is made, the recipient's debit card will be loaded. They will be able to use it at approved grocery stores, which will restrict the card from being used for alcohol and tobacco. They can only use the card with facial recognition and thumbprint..

How I built it

Mobile app wireframe using Balsamiq3 Website using Vue.js, Bootstrap

What I learned

Considerations designed around the interests of the homeless and donors is crucial to attracting the target demographic to use our set of web and mobile tools

What's next for HandUp

  • Regulations: restrictions on OTC medications, similar to welfare guidelines (as per SNAP, WIC)
  • Get corporate participation and matching

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