After going to multiple career fairs and networking events, we recognized that is difficult for the potential employee and employer to remember their contact information given that verbal transactions are tedious. So, we developed an application that lets you focus on the conversation instead.

What it does

It tracks the location of everyone thats running this app and transfer their first name and display picture to a Encounters tab in the application. Once here, the user can then send a request to this person asking for their information. Once the receiver accepts the request, all the information like job title, company, e-mail, phone number, etc gets transferred over. It also allows the user to transfer this information to the Contacts app.

How we built it

Initially planned out the database structure and information flow. We built the UI using various visual effects such as shadows, etc. We then used Firebase to code up the backend.

Challenges we ran into

Using Firebase for storing information was unfamiliar and so was the storage of images into ImageShack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Clean and efficient UI, Accurate location tracking, Live database transactions.

What we learned

A lot about database management, User Interface development, time-management, and teamwork and communication.

What's next for HandShake

If this application seems like something people would be interested in, we will update the servers to a larger version which will support a large number of users. We will also make use of faster frameworks to make the application faster and more reliable.

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