HandShake project is addressing one of the cardinal issue for homeless people. Mobile4All platform is facing this as a challenge from the conception of the program.

Problems/ Limitations:

Mobile4All clients carry cash, however the program does not have retail stores to collect payment. Another way to pay for services is through credit cards, but our clients do not have credit cards. No ATMs.

"How can we bill homeless or extremely low income people for a service?" (Online services mainly )

Solution/ Scenario: Decentralize the complete system & provide power to people. Homeless guy can find the person who is willing to help. One guy is having well establish credit, banking facilities. He wants to help any homeless guy. He just needs to install the app and add the credit card details in that. Homeless guy can find that person. And in person he can handover the cash that he is having, likely 10-20$. On accepting the money in cash it will automatically deduct those amount from guy's bank. And Mobile4All platform will provide 10-20$ credit line to the homeless guy. That is how homeless guy will able to pay for online services.

Security: Here, using complete automatic, QR code generated transactions. So person doesn't need to worry about manual entering the values. Complete confirmation before accepting the transactions.


Implementing urgent/non urgent way of transferring.

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